Variety Brands Irvin's Series a Fumble

After the jump, Michael Irvin's appearance on FOX News yesterday, where it took Sean Hannity all of one minute and 48 seconds to bring up "drugs, adultery." Irvin, of course, was on to talk up -- sort of -- his new SpikeTV series 4th and Long, wherein a dozen pro-football wanna-bes run all over the Cotton Bowl in an attempt to win a spot on the Dallas Cowboys, riiiight. I haven't seen anything but the few promo videos posted to Spike's Web site, but Variety's Stuart Levine has suffered through the series ... and he doesn't much care for what he sees.

The footage is rather unremarkable, and the storyline isn't near as compelling as, say, last year's HBO series Hard Knocks: Training Camp With the Dallas Cowboys, which offered a much more insightful look into the way a team makes decisions as it cuts players to make its opening-day roster.

To try to break up the routine, 4th and Long each week features the arrival of a former Cowboy who offers something inspirational to the troops. However, the ploy feels more like a way to acquaint the viewer with the team's history.

For die-hards, of course, that'll be reason enough to watch. Especially if you like watching dudes puke.

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