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Vegas Vacation: My Top 10 Observations

10. You know it's going to be an interesting trip when - upon the first hint of turbulence 30 minutes from touchdown in Las Vegas - the person directly behind you throws up sorta into the barf bag. "Turb-yoo-lance ain't no good, mayne," said the dude. Words can't describe the stench. To keep from passing out, I plugged my nostrils with two fingers. Of course, the hot chick two rows up caught a glimpse and thought I was blatantly picking my nose, but at that point who cares.

9. Despite their torrid post-trade pace, not a lot of respect for your Dallas Mavericks amongst in Sin City's wise guys. The Mavs were underdogs last Saturday night against the Bulls. And here's one man's irrational logic applied to Dallas' superior road play this season: "It's because Mark Cuban has his own plane now, so he goes on the road to every game and checks on the players to make sure they're not out partying. At home he leaves them alone and they don't play as well." This, of course, is complete bullshit.

8. A girl at a blackjack table asked me if I had Skype. I just knew it was some new stain of VD but apparently it's this? Whatever that is.

7. Josh Hamilton and Ron Washington see the Rangers winning 90+ games, but Vegas remains unimpressed with Texas. Of the American League's 14 teams most sports book give them only the 8th-best chance to win the leauge and play in the 2010 World Series.  

6. If you're going to Vegas and on somewhat of a budget, head to O'Shea's on the strip. Young, wild crowd. Simpleton games like War. And - best of all - Beer Pong.

5. March Madness cheat sheet culled from 12 hours watching games at MGM's sports book Saturday afternoon. Baylor is a Sweet 16 outfit and Duke - with its three white starters - looks like another Elite Eight lock.

4. I'm old enough to remember one of the allures of Vegas was the $8.99 steak and lobster. This trip I got suckered into a buffet. Cost: $39.99.

3. Bon Jovi was the big concert in town last weekend. I don't how this happens with women, but somehow they all got the memo that the new, cool thing to do is to tuck your jeans into your boots. Weird, I say. Weird.

2. Las Vegas is worried that Jerry Jones is gonna steal away one of its mega-gigs - the National Finals rodeo.

1. Las Vegas believes in your Dallas Cowboys. So much so that in the futures sheet posted at MGM the Cowboys were the odds-on favorite to win Super Bowl XLV at 5/1. The Colts were second at 7/1, followed by the Steelers, Saints and Packers. As recently as Jan. 21, the Cowboys were 15/1. Shrugged one of the bet-taking employees, "Lotta money coming in on Dallas to win the thing in Jerry's big stadium."

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