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Veletta Lill is "Concerned" About Schutze's Presence. C'mon, Who Isn't?

This is Veletta Lill as we know her, though not as Jim imagines her. Oh, Jim.

I just got back from a huge luncheon at Fair Park at which former city councilman and longtime Friends of Fair Park director Craig Holcomb was presented with the 2007 Spirit of the Centennial Award. Former Mayor Ron Kirk emcee'd; City Manager Mary Suhm gave a funny talk, as did PR maven Rita Cox. Holcomb's partner, Hector Garcia, sang a beautiful song about old cars and civil rights -- very moving, actually.

The thing is this. On the way out, I was informed that former city council member Veletta Lill was "concerned" about my presence. Lill did give me a look of "concern" as I passed and asked me if I had been "taking notes."

So, OK. I probably would not have mentioned this to anyone if Lill had not been so "concerned" about my being there, but, yes, Veletta Lill did remove all of her clothing at one point and did race around the room naked screaming scatological obscenities and bucking like a bronco.

I wasn't going to make a big thing out of it, because as far as I could tell, nobody else there even noticed. I heard one guy say, "Oh, Veletta's at it again." That was about it.

So now it's out. Make of it what you will.

And, of course, I made that all up, and none of it is true. I guess maybe it's a recurring fantasy of mine, if you must know. I'll just say this: If you're going to be concerned about me, have the sense not to tell me. Because that just makes me so...concerned.

Great lunch. Sat at a table with all very interesting folks. Oh, and she has a birthmark. Can't say where. --Jim Schutze

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