Vh1 is Accidentally Honoring Raymond Nasher Tonight, Sort Of. Kind Of.

David Byrne shot True Stories at NorthPark Center, no doubt because it was the only art gallery in the world with a Gap.

As we were leaving the office on Friday, word came down that Raymond Nasher had fallen ill on a flight back from Europe and had died at 85; no doubt you've read myriad pieces in The Dallas Morning News and elsewhere about his passing in the days since, as Nasher leaves an estimable and unavoidable imprint on this city. Even the 3-year-old who lives in my house knows the name. "That's where the sculptures are -- the Nasher," says the kiddo, who has loved the Nasher Sculpture Center since he could walk. Course, he doesn't love it as much as he does the thing for which Nasher will likely be remembered most: NorthPark Center. After all, there's no toy store at the Nasher.

Speaking of NorthPark, this is an interesting bit of timing: Tonight at 9:30 p.m., Vh1 is airing as part of its "Rock & Roll Picture Show" feature David Byrne's 1986 movie True Stories, a great hunk of which was shot at NorthPark Center, the mall-cum-art-gallery Nasher debuted in 1965 and a building in which he displayed the likes of Andy Warhol, Henry Moore, Roy Lichtenstein, Alexander Calder and Frank Stella. (As NorthPark's Web site reminds, NorthPark was presented with the American Institute of Architects' Award for "Design of the Decade -- 1960s" for being "one of the first commercial centers in the U.S. to create space for the display of fine art.") Byrne, an artist and collector of art himself, loved shooting in the "froufrou modernist" mall, to the point where he could often be seen wandering the corridors even during off hours.

So there's one way to honor Nasher: Watch True Stories on Vh1 tonight. (Of course, truth be told, the movie isn't very good; you could always just watch the fashion-show scene we've included below.) Or you could attend the memorial service at 10 this morning at Temple Emanu-El, 8500 Hillcrest Ave. Or you could attend the public reception this evening at 5 p.m. at the Nasher Sculpture Center, 2001 Flora St. Those seem far more...respectful. --Robert Wilonsky

Bonus: A scene from True Stories, shot at NorthPark Center

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