Village Idiots

I just got back from the Magnolia Theater, where, once more, somebody rammed a minivan into the front door opposite the just-closed Club Nikita in order to swipe the ATM perched in the downstairs lobby. Funny thing is, only 10 days ago did Mag management finally replace the plywood that's been covering the very same glass door destroyed the last time someone tried this--on the same day of the week and at the exact same time as last night's smash-in, go figure.

Long story short: The ATM's no longer there and won't make a return. That's because, from what we heard this morning, the West Village is installing three ATMs in the very near future. Oh, and you say you didn't know Nikita was closed? (Dial the club and you get a "temporarily disconnected" message.) Yeah, something to do with failing to pay rent. An ATM mighta come in handy. --Robert Wilonsky

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