We took this bloody photo from The Ticket's Web site, where there are dozens more photos available from last night's Fight Night.

Violence in the Village

The men and women who duked it out at last night's KTCK-AM (1310, The Ticket)'s Fight Night didn't do it for charity. No noble cause loomed over the six boxing matches (and two mixed martial arts bouts), and if the lack of a charitable institution didn't make that patently clear at the Village Apartments' Country Club, "Hardline" co-host Corby Davidson certainly did. After offering to impregnate the winner of the evening's second woman-on-woman fight--who he repeatedly called "the big girl" in his broadcast when he couldn't remember her name--he downed a Jell-O shot and turned around to greet me. After I asked how he felt about the positivity being promoted this evening, Davidson threw his arms in the air and laughed: "Who the hell do you think you are?"

Mine was a stupid question, but it was also a stupid night--where else could you see two legally blind men fight each other (as another Ticket host, Gordon Keith, shouted every groaner in the book, from "He didn't see that punch coming" to "These are two pupils of the school of boxing") only an hour before a father and his 20-year-old son traded blows? And since I've never attended a Dave Matthews Band concert before, I can't say I've ever seen this many white dudes in khaki shorts in one gathering. But the fights were entertaining, not brutal, and for the last four fights I saw, the contestants were certainly good sports about the hosts' endless jokes and jabs. The legally blind winner, when asked to "step this way," turned around and conducted his post-fight interview with one of the octagon poles.

"This is easily my favorite Ticket event of the year," Davidson said. "And the girl-girl fights are always the best...the bigger the girl, the better the fight." Before I could respond, Davidson grabbed two more Jell-O shots and stuck one in my face, so I suppose all I can say is...let's hear it for Fight Night. --Sam Machkovech

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