W is for Talent

So, the other day I was sipping a Z-Kozmo at Dragonfly, tapping the toes of my new Jimmy Choos against my boyfriend's Armani slacks under the table. I looked at Geoff as he sipped his Chivas, and I said, "Geoff, sugar, what this town needs is just a little bit more pretension." He wasn't listening, because he was on his Slivr, closing a deal on a really great little place over on McKinney (you should see the hardwood flooring), but I'm sure he'd agree.

Thank God, then, that the new W Victory residences and hotel is finally opening in June. I was sooooo tired of seeing the same people on the Republic-Candle Room-Sense-Medici circuit! Now we'll have a whole new location to see the same people at—the W's Ghostbar and the hotel's in-house spa, Bliss.

Of course, it's not like these places are going to run themselves. A W spokesperson (I know everybody) tells me that the place will create 400 new positions for DFW job seekers--I mean "talent."

The W is hosting a three-day "talent search" (it is so passe to say "job fair") starting this morning. From valets to desk workers to maids, anyone who thinks he/she can be "inviting, refreshing and thoughtful" while "they wow the guest in a playful environment" is invited to apply. And because you can't make this stuff up, and because I know you're printing out your resume on the company printer right now, here's some W lingo to bone up on before you go:

    Employees = Talent Houskeeping = Stylist Housekeeping Manager = Director of Style Bell man = Welcome Ambassador Check-in/front desk = Welcome Desk Employee Cafeteria = Green Room

In light of the recent immigration protests, I asked W if they'll be more attentive to legality issues while hiring their stylists and ambassadors. They assured me that they will "follow all guidelines provided by the workforce commission when hiring talent members." Damn straight. The only thing worse than a bad stylist is a bad undocumented stylist. --Andrea Grimes

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