Wait, Bush Supporters Want To "Do Sex Acts On" Code Pink Protesters? Is Borat There?

Fifteen people, count 'em, at Code Pink's "No War Criminals in my Neighborhood!" protest so far on the bridge at Mockingbird Lane and N. Central Expressway. All very orderly except for the occasional SMU fraternity numbnut driving by in the Escalade and giving them the finger. Trish Major, communications director for the Dallas Peace Center, says, "A few people have suggested they're going to do sex acts on us, but we tell them George Bush has already done that. In fact, he did it to the whole country."

I am nearby, on the parking lot where they're going to build the Bush what-were-you-thinking tank and lie-berry. Dallas cops nearby are being very cool and professional, which means the Highland Park cops are probably somewhere nearby preparing to come shoot everybody. As we know, the bubble is generally pro-war criminal. O.K., gotta go get a latte. I'll keep an eye on things. All told: eight DPD patrol cars, two ambulances, one paddy wagon on the Mrs. Baird's lot. Those Escalades better not try anything funny.

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