Florence Shapiro's much more attractive than her younger lefty brother.

Wait, Florence Shapiro's Jewish? Thanks, Wick. Had No Idea.

Over on FrontBurner, D publisher Wick Allison wrote about State Senator Florence Shapiro announcing plans to run for Kay Bailey Hutchison’s U.S. Senate seat. “Question is,” Allison asks, “does she have $10 million in ready cash? For a Jewish woman from Plano, who has never been heard of outside of Plano, $10 million may not be enough.”

His post, about our Big Bossman's sister, quickly garnered comments from people who wanted to know what "Jewish" has to do with it. Not to drag up ancient history or anything, but I was reminded of the guy at the Dallas Times Herald in the ‘80s who wrote a political column about Peter Lesser, a lawyer who ran for mayor against Annette Strauss.

The whole point of his column was that it was absurd for Lesser, a Jew, to think he could be elected mayor of Dallas against an establishment incumbent. It ran in the paper, somehow. We all gathered around his desk the next morning. Somebody asked him, “Are you not aware that the incumbent is Jewish and that even she is not the city’s first Jewish mayor?”

Long silence. He sort of gulped, and finally he said, “Well, I think that’s marvelous.”

He had an excuse, Wick. He was a Yankee. --Jim Schutze

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