Wait, What? The Metro Diner's Closing? You're Kidding Me. That Sucks.

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Two things that stunned me as I read this story about the closing of the Metro Diner: It's closing? On Saturday?!?! W. T. F? Haven't been in a couple of months, but it's my son's favorite breakfast spot -- my father's too, after we convinced him to return following a 20-year absence. Dad, of course, recalls it fondly as the Toddle House, from back in the 1950s. Also: When did it move from Preston Center to "Prestonwood Center"?

But, alas, I just spoke to the great Beverly over at the Metro -- and, damn it, it's a goner. Redevelopment coupled with high rent -- how Dallas. "We're so terribly sorry we're closing!" Beverly shouted, over the din of a famed eatery packed with well-wishers. "You need to come today! It's Customer Appreciation Day! We're rolling back the prices to 1963!" I'm so there. --Robert Wilonsky


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