Wanna See Dallas Destroyed By an F5 Tornado? Then You're in Luck Tomorrow.

Back in April, Tom Korosec wrote for the paper version of Unfair Park a story that asked, Just how prepared is Dallas for an F5 tornado? Short answer: Not very. But only because "it would be too big for a simple quick response," wrote city of Dallas emergency management director Kenny Shaw in the comments, in response to an earlier quote from the story in which Tom quoted him as saying that "a level-5 tornado hitting inside the city limits is too big to plan for."

In his story, Tom mentioned that the Dallas Area Chapter of the American Red Cross is prepping, as part of a $50-million "Protect the Metroplex" project, a what-if, worst-case-scenario video, which it intends to use to both spread the word and raise money. So happens that the 18-minute movie -- titled, simply, F5 -- will make its debut tomorrow night at the Studio Movie Grill on N. Central Expressway and Royal Lane, with screenings scheduled for 6, 7 and 8 p.m. Says the media release, "With actual F5 tornado footage shot by local storm chaser, Tim Marshall, the movie is sure to get pulses pounding as the storm bears down on North Texas." And, best of all, the screenings ares free -- though for those who can't make it, the video will be available here (or, ya know, here) on Friday.

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