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Wanna Word War? Then Register, Like, Right Now For National SCRABBLE® Championship.

While I await word from the City Attorney's Office about a legal matter, baby, let me direct your attention to the registration page for the 2010 National SCRABBLE® Championship -- only because it closes today, and only because this year's wingding takes place at the Hotel InterContinental Dallas beginning August 7. And I see one very familiar name listed thus far among the registrants -- and, no, not Chris Cree.

And while my colleague in search of the $10,000 top prize gears up for the marathon -- 31 games spread out over four days, which makes the World Series of Poker look like "kids' stuff," shouts my next-door bunkmate -- I will warm up by watching Word Wars. And now might be a good time to find out if Scrabylon is any good.

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Robert Wilonsky
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