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Want to Be an Extra on Midland or the FOX Series Formerly Known as Code 58?

I was just over on the Dallas Film Commission's Web site and noticed they're looking for extras for both Code 58 and Midland -- so if you're willing to "play" a "beer drinking redneck" or ... hey, look, a new band name! "Various Ethnic Travelers."

And, speaking of Midland, I see here that in addition to a big-name director (Marc Webb), they've also hired a top-notch feature-film cinematographer: Eric Steelberg, who's been DP on the last two Jason Reitman movies (Juno and Up in the Air), and shot Webb's (500) Days of Summer. They've been prepping around town in advance of a March 16 start date, with shooting expected to wrap the first week of April.

Oh. And by the way. It's not Code 58 anymore. (That's Dallas PD for "routine investigation.") Nor is it The Five Eight, which was the most recent working title being bandied about (in addition to the original original title, Jack and Dan). Nope. The show in which Bradley Whitford and Colin Hanks play Dallas police detectives is now known for-reals as ... The Good Guys. And I've just scooped Clarice Tinsley. A banner day.

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Robert Wilonsky
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