Marlin Linville's Arboretum oil painting is one of two Dallas scenes painted by the Texas artist for sale on eBay.

Want to Own a Dallas Nature Scene Covered in Oil?

A Dallas fine art collector is using eBay to offload the work of noted Texas artist Marlin Linville, who died in 2001 after a long battle with cancer. The seller's getting rid of three of Linville's oil paintings, two of which have local ties: One's a scene from the Arboretum; the other depicts the azaleas along Turtle Creek. The missus, a former art-history major, tells me they're "in the style of Monet," showoff.

The opening bid for the former piece begins at $8,000; the latter is going for no less than $10,000. Both price tags seem about right: On the official Linville for-sale site -- maintained out of Austin, where Linville lived -- most of his larger canvases are listed as either residing in private collections, or they're going for $7,500 (and they're likely unframed). Oddly, on the official site, neither one of the eBay paintings are shown in the Texas collection. --Robert Wilonsky

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