Inside Plush
Inside Plush

Want to Own a Downtown Club? Buildings Housing Plush and Skye Bar Are For Sale.

Back in late '08, developer Bryan Foster went to Dallas City Hall to see about getting $475,000 in City Center Tax Increment Financing District reimbursements, which he said were needed to give 1400 Main Street, then a 1954 building in sorry shape, an $4-plus-million extreme makeover. The end result: Plush, which bills itself as "The Premier Dallas Nightclub."

But a Friend of Unfair Park directs our attention to the LoopNet listing placed last week: 1400 Main's on the market now, the asking price a cool $4.5 million. But Realtor Ken Nwokedi tells Unfair Park this morning "just the building is for sale. The club will remain." (DCAD has the property valued at $2.3 million.)

He says Foster will lease the property from whoever buys the building -- if somebody buys the building -- and that Plush will, in fact, stay open as part of the deal. Bryan McCann is no doubt relieved.

But that's not all: I see Nwokedi is also repping the Palestine, Texas-based owner of 1217 Main Street -- otherwise known as Skye Bar -- who's asking $4.7 million for a property on the tax rolls for $2 million.


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