We Too Are Planning on Giving All Our Money to Charity. Just Not All $171 Million Of It.

This morning, Slate, in conjunction with the Chronicle of Philanthropy, released its annual list of the nation's most generous philanthropists. At No. 8 on the "Slate 60" is T. Boone Pickens, the 78-year-old founder of Mesa Petroleum and BP Capital Management in Dallas who gave $160 million to establish the T. Boone Pickens Foundation here late last year. It's through the foundation that Pickens will be making his charitable donations, though last year he also gave some $11.5 mil to 82 nonprofits, says Slate, among them the American Civil Rights Coalition in Sacramento, the Communities Foundation of Texas in Dallas and the Dallas Center for the Performing Arts.

Slate provides a little more info about Pickens' intentions with the new founation:

The foundation's giving will be distributed to groups throughout the country and focus primarily on health and medical research, treatment, and services, as well as conservation and wildlife management, corporate health and fitness, education and athletics, and assistance for troubled children. Pickens, who is chairman of the new foundation, has said he hopes to give away 80 percent of his fortune, estimated at $2.7 billion, while he is still alive. He has not yet decided whether to endow the foundation or simply donate money to it every year. He has said, however, that the foundation will eventually give away all of its money to charity at some point after his death.

Pickens is on the list between the late Mary Joan Palevsky and Michael Bloomberg, mayor of New York City. Still, Warren Buffett's about $43 billion ahead on the charitable scoreboard. --Robert Wilonsky

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