We Were Hoping Mark Cuban's First Book Would Be ... Um ... Longer

We just got a press release about Mark Cuban's new book -- which, says here, isn't so new, but it's new to us, so there. And at 24 pages, we're not sure it's much of a book -- here's a sample page, so you can judge for yourselves. Says the publicist, the book "features a look at game day (from the best seat in the house, of course!)." Of course.

Ah, see -- it's for kids. Titled Let's Go, Mavs!, it was published this year by Chantilly, Virginia-based Mascot Books, which has also published such titles as How 'Bout Them Cowboys! (starring Rowdy, the worst mascot in professional sports) and Hello Hook 'Em!, perfect for your baby Longhorn. Cuban's book is the only title in the NBA category -- and, far as we can tell, he's the only owner credited as author. However, Yogi Berra did, apparently, write Let's Go, Yankees!, which I am now dying to read. --Robert Wilonsky


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