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Wee! No, Wee See. See? Or: Tim DeLaughter Has a New Baby, a DVD Art Project.

wee see - collection one from Rolyn Barthelman on Vimeo.

During Record Store Day last month, I took the 5-year-old who lives in my house to the Good Records all-day shindig, where one Julie Doyle slipped us a Polyphonic treat: a sneak peek at something called Wee See, about which Mrs. Tim DeLaughter didn't say much except, "Watch it." So we did, and I've spent the last month trying to figure out how to describe the thing. Um, dope? Uh, nope. Because, see, the primary audience for the DVD is kids -- hence, the "wee" in the title. In fact, the project -- done in collaboration with New York-based visual artist Rolyn Barthelman -- was intended for the wee-est of 'em all. But, says DeLaughter, "Adults are as engaged as any baby we've shown it to." You'll see why, probably at 4:20 today.

Says the Web site, "Part art installation, part pacifier, Wee See is a collection of black-and-white animations built from basic shapes to delight both child and parent." And as you can see in the clip above, and in the one following after the jump, it's something the growed-ups will most definitely dig -- especially fans of the Spree, as Tim scored the project with the requisite bleeps and relaxing bloops. At the moment, DVDs are available only at Good Records, though you can order both volumes from the site.

wee see - collection two from Rolyn Barthelman on Vimeo.

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