Dallas Cowboys

Week 1 Leftovers

Surprise, I'm here.

Cowboys’ head coach Wade Phillips, whose crisp, hard-edged hair line looked not unlike Jimmy Johnson’s (when Sunday’s game started at least), just finished his Day After press conference at Valley Ranch.

At look at what he said. And, of course, what I think about what he said:

*Phillips – stop for a second and imagine Bill Parcells doing this – is basically accepting the blame for Terrell Owens’ unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. After his second-quarter touchdown catch, T.O. crouched as in the 100-meters starting blocks but was flagged for the unpardonable sin of “touching the ground.” Seriously. “It’s my fault,” Phillips says. “I had no idea that touching the ground would be a penalty. My fault. All I knew was that you couldn’t use a prop, like the ball or the goal post. But I talked to the official, and he said that was the rule.” Count the coach among those of us who despise the censoring of players as entertainers. “I’m a little like (Owens) is, why not let him have some fun?” Phillips says. “It wasn’t an outlandish display of taunting or anything like that.” If simply touching the ground has become taboo, should be interesting the first time a player kneels to pray after a touchdown.

*The Cowboys signed Brooks Bollinger to be a third quarterback. I guess, after all, it won’t be this guy. My bad.

*Wade’s understatement of the week: “A lot of positives.”

*Injury Update: Marion Barber will play Monday against the Eagles despite his bruised ribs. Terence Newman, Anthony Spencer and Miles Austin are also expected to play.

*I’m afraid to turn on my TV today. Afraid I’ll see yet another promo for Fox’s ridiculously asinine Hole in the Wall. Seriously? We're that out of ideas? If you’ve seen it, don’t tell me.

*Wade’s understatement of the week, Part II: “(Felix Jones) is a good-looking back to me.”

*Are you like me, more than a little surprised that 5th-round pick Orlando Scrandrick is ahead of 1st-rounder Mike Jenkins on the depth chart?

*With the 11 penalties, the Cowboys now have 10+ flags in five of Phillips' 17 games.

*How’d the Cowboys limit Pro Bowl tight end Kellen Winslow to five catches and 47 yards? Roy Williams wasn’t bad, but he had lots of help. The Cowboys were so determined to stifle Winslow that they basically sacrificed Greg Ellis’ pass-rushing. Instead of focusing on his rush, Ellis lined up over Winslow and banged the tight end each play before rushing. A nice wrinkle. Makes you wonder why teams don't do the same to Jason Witten. -- Richie Whitt

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