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Weekend Planner: Get Our Yer Rotten Fruit

This photo just slays 'em. Slays 'em I tell ya.

Couple of, um, interesting(?) goings-on this weekend involving names near and somewhat dear to our lil’ corner of the blogosphere:

FRIDAY: Does the name Greg Williams clang a wind chime? I hear that ol’ Hammer – whose new show debuts Monday night on ESPN Radio – will have an in-depth, re-entry interview with Randy Galloway at 5 p.m. Probably nothing more than the audio version of this ditty, but should be intriguing nonetheless.

SATURDAY: Details are sketchy and confusingly trickling from a blog not named Unfair Park, but it appears our own Robert Wilonsky will host some sort of music/movies show Saturday morning/night on The Ticket. If so, the official unveiling is sure to be unveiled right here at some point in the very near future. I’d call Robert myself for the scoop but, alas, I have a frenzied case of the Fridays. Tra-la-la.

SUNDAY: Can’t believe I’m typing this, but if you want to hear me squawk about sports and football and mix in a corny joke or two, well, it’ll cost you $10. Actually, you’ll get all the lox and bagels you can hoard as well when I guest-speak at the Congregation Beth Torah Men’s Club at 9:30 a.m.-ish. Heckling, thank goodness, is free. -- Richie Whitt

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