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Welcome To Orientation

Pissed for years at my ramblings in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram? Constantly annoyed by my weekly columns in the Dallas Observer? Despise my bloggy rants over at Unfair Park? Well then, congratulations and welcome to your worst nightmare – my own sports blog.

As long as you’re here, grab a syllabus.

It’s called The Sportatorium, a nod to the legendary Dallas barn that stood as an octagon eyesore at the corner of South Industrial and Cadiz from 1935 to 2003. The classic ol’ joint – it oozed a mystique and character that Dallas sorely misses today – seated only 4,000, but boasted the best in sports 'n' sounds, hosting everyone from Elvis Presley to Fritz Von Erich to a bunch of homeless who finally torched it to the ground with a wild fire on a cold night. Two of my fondest childhood memories are watching Bob Hayes catch bombs at the Cotton Bowl and booing Blackjack Mulligan at The Sportatorium. The arena was kinda like me: Notoriously uncomfortable, wholly unsanitary and, yet, somehow, optimistically intriguing. The Sportatorium building perished – its burial ground a vacant lot across from a Buy Rite gas station – but in here its legacy can trudge forth.

I’ll effort multiple times per day to provide a one-stop shopping mall of sports blogdom. As on Unfair Park, I’ll blanket the Cowboys, Rangers, Stars, Mavericks and whatever or whoever else is making sports news in our fair burg. It’ll just be more. And, hopefully, more better.

I’ll try to inform, entertain and be as big of a snarky smart-ass as you’ll allow. Sometimes I’ll post a separated-at-birth, a middle-of-the-night brain fart or even a corny joke. For example:

Why does Roger Clemens suck at Blackjack? Cuz he hits on 15 when he shouldn't.

And I promise to cherish your feedback. Let me know if you want less Rangers. More FC Dallas. Less me. More cowbell. Whatever. I love overtime playoff hockey, Mark Cuban, Tony Romo's girlfriend and the freedom to blog my mind without mainstream media constraints. I hate the “foul” pole that ain't, football kickers, sacred cows and, now that I think of it, long-winded introductions.

This morning Avery Johnson talks about his departure from the Dallas Mavericks. He’s meeting some media at the downtown Ritz-Carlton because – who knew? – he lives there. For now.

Stay tuned. -- Richie Whitt

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