C'mon, there's no reason the Trinity can't kinda, sorta look like this, right?

Well, Dallas Has Always Wanted to be Like San Francisco

My brother, Bill Schutze, lives in a high-rise condo tower above the San Francisco Bay. He has been reading my stuff about Angela Hunt and her doughty band of battlers who are fighting to save the Trinity riverfront from ruination. He sent me a recent San Francisco Chronicle article telling how just such a band of determined citizens saved the San Francisco Bay.

If not for them? The bay might not be there. Tony Bennett would be singing, “I'm going home to my city by the industrial park on the landfill area where the bay used to be.”

Doesn’t really resonate, does it?

The article he sent me is a good read, because it shows what amazingly bad ideas people can have and what amazing victories can be achieved against those bad ideas by a few good citizens. --Jim Schutze

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