What could have been but won't be, not anymore.
What could have been but won't be, not anymore.
What could have been but won't be, not anymore.

Well, This is What the Old Carnival Would Have Looked Like

Just returned to the office to find a missive in the in-box from Marc Andres -- who, with his brother Roger, wants to take the abandoned Carnival on Henderson Avenue and turn it into a multi-use residential-retail development. Pardon -- they wanted to develop the property. Because, says the e-mail, "Andres Properties has decided to withdraw its zoning request for 1800 N. Henderson Avenue." No doubt, the Andres brothers ran from the project after encountering not only some neighborhood opposition, but also, Unfair Park has learned, opposition from some city plan commissioners -- especially those with East Dallas ties. Says East Dallas Schutze of today's news, "East Dallas fucks itself again." Or maybe the Andres boys just talked to Whole Foods and said, "To hell with this mishigas."

Unfair Park has tried repeatedly to reach the Andres brothers, but with no luck. But Avi Adelman offers some insight, perhaps: He says there's a rumor floating around that Wal-Mart wants to come in and put up a Neighborhood Market. Writes Avi: "This project would not need any kind of rezoning in order to be built." More forthcoming, likely in the morning. --Robert Wilonsky

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