We're Like, So, Whatever

This just in from Perez Hilton: The gossip blogger (and ruler of the free world, or whatever he's calling himself today) picked up a blog from KISS-FM deejay Billy the Kidd's official MySpace page. There, the jock talks about what a heinous bitch Avril Lavigne is/was/will always be.

So writeth Billy, after this weekend's KISS Party teeny-bopper extravaganza: "Everytime I have had to deal with Avril its a PAIN IN THE ASS! From the fact that she didnt want to 'sit in the room and wait to go on the air' to her people trying to clear the hallways so she could get through. Are you kidding me!??? Get over yourself!" I don't know. Sounds like typical teenage behavior to me. Oh, wait. Avril's 22. --Andrea Grimes

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