Dallas The Way Dallas Is Supposed to Be Done."">

"We're Serious About Doing Dallas The Way Dallas Is Supposed to Be Done."

That quote in the headline comes from Patrick Duffy in the behind-the-scenes peek that follows; Bobby Ewing always was so ... sincere. Still is. Now, more than ever. Above, of course, is the sneak peek at the next-gen Dallas TNT provided last night -- a good year before the series makes its official debut. And, truth told, as far as 66-second trailers go, it packs a nice little punch of nostalgia -- especially at the 30-second mark, when Jerrold Immel's theme song kicks in and, all of the sudden, it's 1978.

The trailer, heavy on shouting and Southfork and skyline glances, gives away some of the surprises contained within the pilot; word is you don't actually hear J.R. speak till the final seconds of the first episode. Still, I didn't realize how much I missed Dallas till we fast-forwarded through the DVR'd Rizzoli and Isles to get to the trailer ... and then watched it three times.

You don't grow up here without some kind of a love-hate relationship with the series; Julia Barton, with some help from Schutze, did a good job of capturing that sentiment in her Studio 360 piece on the series earlier this year. But all these years later, what's to hate? And what's not to love? Like the French sing: "Dallas, you glorify survival of the fittest."

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