West Elm Pops its Cherry

Last week we confirmed the rumor that the Virgin Megastore in Mockingbird Station was closing on June 18. Now there's been a replacement named: West Elm, the furniture-etc. store owned by Williams-Sonoma. West Elm's a national chain with one other location in Texas (Houston) and a few in Cali and NYC (Chelsea, woo-hoo). Is it me, or does everything on West Elm's Web site look like it was designed by Crate and Barrel to be sold at a Pier One that's located across the parking lot from an Urban Outfitters? Sounds perfect. Mockingbird Station's owners feel the same way: According to The Dallas Morning News today, they told Virgin to git earlier than it wanted to so West Elm could start redoing the cavernous music store. --Robert Wilonsky


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