West End to Be Busier Than Usual Tomorrow Morning as NBC's Chase to Stage, Well, a Chase

Like I said last week, NBC's Chase, produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, has started shooting in and around town -- which is why, between 9 and 11 a.m. tomorrow (though it could run till 2 p.m., fair warning), you'll notice a helicopter hovering over the West End. Per a Downtown Emergency Response Team heads-up that follows, this very fire escape -- at the corner of McKinney Avenue and Record Street -- will be in use as the actors, playing U.S. Marshals, chase a perp onto the rooftop; the chopper's shooting the scene but nothing more. Nevertheless, says Dallas police spokesman Andy Harvey, "DPD officers will be around the West End for traffic control" as crews shut down streets in and around the area.

And speaking of Chase, I see here that Cache Casting is rounding up extras for the series shoot, expected to last 13 episodes. Per the Dallas Film Commission's Web site they're looking for "non-speaking talent of all ages and diversified ethnicity for stand-ins, photo doubles, regular background and action extras." If you need something to do whilst on summer vacay.

This is a special message from the Downtown Emergency Response Team.

There will be a film shoot this coming Tuesday, July 20th that it will involve the use of a helicopter in the West End Marketplace area.  The helicopter will be in the air for approximately an hour between 9:00am and 2:00pm. These streets will be closed during the filming: 600-800 Munger and ITC on 600-800 McKinney, 1900 Record, 1900 Market, 600-800 Corbin and the "alley" between Corbin and Ross.  Lt. Andy Harvey is the DPD coordinator for this show and has DPD on site to ensure safety.

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