We've Spent Way Too Much Time Watching Honest Tea's Hidden Downtown Camera

OK, Honest Tea. You win. You too, Kat Kirsch, sender of press releases. Because for the past way too long to admit, we've been riveted to the tea company's livestream from Akard and Main, where that unmanned kiosk's been set up to see if people will leave a dollar, as requested, or just walk away with a gratis bottle of Organic Honey Green Tea. Anna went down there, just because it seemed kinda funny. She took a picture of the camera, which was hidden ... ish. That's her above.

Says Kat, "Currently, 97% of people in Dallas are honest!" Anna says the marketing folks on site say it's closer to 95 percent, which is still way better than the 90 percent-ish being candid-camera'd in New York, Los Angeles, Boston, San Francisco and a few other major metros. Guess it all depends on the equity.

A DPD officer on a bike just rolled past, taking a good, long look at the money box filled with singles. Anna wrote down what he told the woman refilling the shelves. He asked her if this was her joint. She said yup, at which point he handed her his card and said to call if "if any scallywags make off with your money." She said: "If it happens, it happens." Jump for the stream and a few grabs. And if yer thirsty, they're there till 6. Wave!

Update at 4:54 p.m.: Anna just brought back three teas -- she paid, swear -- and they're surprisingly cold. Highly recommended.

Video streaming by Ustream

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