What Do Lily Tomlin, Bea Arthur, Emmylou Harris and Ruth Buzzi Have in Common?

The Dallas Tea Party isn't the only TV-ready event happening in town today. Far from it -- especially if you were a big, big fan of the Laugh-In and are a big, big fan of ... wait for it, wait for it, wait for it ... Jenny the Elephant. At noon today at the Dallas Zoo, Concerned Citizens for Jenny founder Margaret Morin, who is the very definition of determined, will hold yet another in a series of press conferences during which she will present Jenny's latest celebrity friend, Ruth Buzzi; and distribute a letter written by yet another famous face in support of the elephant and city council candidates who support her being moved to the sanctuary in Tennessee, Emmylou Harris. Because, right, love hurts. Harris joins Lily Tomlin and Bea Arthur as those who've written letters in support of Jenny's move to the sanctuary.

Morin will also pass out a list of containing the locations of six move-Jenny billboards set to feature the likes of Tomlin (natch), Kinky Friedman and Harris. Spoiler alert: They include the intersections of North Central Expressway and Fitzhugh Avenue; Northwest Highway and Greenville Avenue; and, closer to the Dallas Zoo, I-35E and E. Illinois Avenue. Morin's also posted a list of city council candidates in support of at least considering retiring Jenny, rather than putting her in the 10-acre Giants of the Savanna habitat, scheduled to open next year. An excerpt from Harris's letter to Dallas residents follows. As does a video two-fer.

Writes Emmylou Harris:

"Jenny the elephant has led a tragic life and my heart just breaks for her ... I understand Dallas citizens can vote on May 9th for new City Council candidates ... I love Dallas and have high regard for its people whom I believe will do the right thing and insist the City of Dallas immediately retire Jenny to the Elephant Sanctuary."
And, for those who don't recall Ruth Buzzi, a refresher:

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