What the Downtown Planners Are Talking About: Tunnels, Gateways, More Deck Parks ...

On Tuesday we looked at the mammoth PowerPoint assembled by MIG for its May meetings with downtown shareholders as the company prepares to hand the council the Downtown Dallas 360 plan at summer's end. In the past those slide shows have been accompanied by recaps of what was discussed during those sit-downs; not this time, though word is one's a-comin'. So instead we turn to our old friend Kourtny Garrett, vice president of marketing for Downtown Dallas, who's posted quite the lengthy update on the D-Spotters' blog. (Meaning: It covers not only Downtown Dallas 360, but also Main Street Garden and more.)

Some of you asked the other day about the tunnels -- as in, no downtown plan is worth $550,000 until the planners talk tunnels. Garrett says they're being discussed: "We find the time is right to examine innovative solutions of repurposing (bike parking? storage? fiber optic paths?) and incentivizing tunnel dwellers to emerge." She also says some are wondering if maybe Dallas isn't building the wrong kind of parks downtown -- as in, maybe it'd be nice to have a place to play instead of just a pretty path upon which to walk to and from parking lots. But here's the real takeaway:

In contrast to previous sessions when feedback was consistently based on setting "realistic" goals and prioritizing -- the tone seemed to shift, stressing that the creation of 360 is our opportunity to aim high. Perhaps an indicator that the frugality of the last 24 months is shifting? Do I dare say we are becoming more hopeful? The specific reference in this case was discussion regarding potential deck parks over I-30, ala The Park (Woodall Rodgers Park). Can we fund and sustain another project like Woodall? Tell me what you think. (As a Cedars resident, personally, I say yes! The connection is critical...)

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.