Council member Dave Neumann

What, Them Worry?

Matt's at Gilley's right now, sharing a Shiner with Mayor Tom -- can't beat 'em, drink 'em under the table, we say. Actually, this is how Matt breaks down the not-quite-a-victory party at this very moment.

I ran into council member Dave Neumann, who was pretty jubilant. "I wish Jim Schutze were here," Neumann told me. "That way he could cover reality." He was joking, kind of.

There are about 80 people here, not nearly as many who attended Leppert's mayoral victory. From what I can tell, most of the council's here, except Angela Hunt, of course. And the crowd's not nearly as diverse as when Leppert was elected mayor: Where before you had members of the Greater Dallas Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and union leaders, I don't see that contingency this time around. Not the cluster of unions and progressives and minority leaders as there was last time -- now, it's mostly the pro-business crowd, which you'd expect.

No sign of Laura Miller, but Vote No! spokesperson Becky Mayad says Ron Kirk is on his way -- maybe to watch Dancing With the Stars, which is currently on the TV set, as none of the local affiliates are carrying the results live.

--Robert Wilonsky

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