Whatdya Mean the Lakes Are Rising?

The Associated Press has a story today about how all the rain's done killed the tourism trade in Texas of late -- at lakes and water parks and every waterlogged thing in between. Leading off the piece is a guy named Rick Williams, who packed up the family in DeSoto and hauled 'em out to Joe Pool Lake in Cedar Hill State Park.

The picture accompanying the piece, which appears today in USA Today, raises a couple of questions, among them: Did Williams and his family intend to go camping, or are they moving in? Because that's a lot of shit to take on a camping trip (then again, the surprisingly outdoorsy Girl on Top says, "Yeah, that looks about right"). Also, did Williams not know it was, like, raining?

"The interesting part about it is watching your campsite shrink every day," said Williams, of DeSoto, who put down a tarp to keep mud off his feet. "If it keeps coming, we'll have to just play it by ear."
Yeah, come to think of it, the rain did kind of sneak up on us. In related news, a 27-year-old local named Paul has started a local weather blog, which we predict will become like Internet porn for our old pal Eric Celeste. --Robert Wilonsky

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