What's it Worth to Move 200 Hilton Jobs to Dallas From Farmers Branch? Dunno Yet.

Says this sneak preview of the city council's Economic Development Committee agenda next week, Dallas is considering forking over an economic development grant to Hilton Hotels, which is looking to relocate a regional headquarters to Dallas. Office of Economic Development head Karl Zavitkovsky, as always, has at least some insight into the deal.

"They're looking at moving some facilities from Farmers Branch to a location in Dallas," he says, adding that he's unclear which facilities are being discussed here. He recommended we talk to Hammond Perot, the assistant director at Economic Development; he wasn't in when we called earlier.

"We didn't go out and actively raid Farmers Branch," Zavitkovsky says. "They came to us with a site, and as far as we're concerned it adds a couple hundred jobs and taxable property."

When asked when Hilton's looking to make the move, he says, "It's in the next couple of months."

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