What's Worse: Losing $2.5 Mil in Vegas or Winding Up on Robin Leach's Blog?

Courtesy Deadspin this a.m., we're directed to the blog of none other than Robin "Champagne Wishes and Caviar Dreams" Leach. His, ahem, spywitnesses claim that Cowboys QB Tony Romo lost some $2.5 million on the Vegas green felt last weekend, which, apparently, mightily miffed Jessica Simpson. Writes Leach: "Insiders told me that one thing led to another and they wound up in a 'furious fight.'" Incidentally, the posting is far more endearing if you read it like Dana Carvey's impression of Leach on Saturday Night Live. --Robert Wilonsky Update: The Deadspin comments, 60 and growing, are even better than the original item. Like, this one: "I'm guessing Jessica is 'beyond words' quite a lot. Like, when somebody produces a shiny ball of tin foil." Or this one:

Jones: Tony, you shouldn't gamble like that.

Romo: Didn't you just offer Pacman Jones a multi-year contract?

Jones: Fair enough.

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