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When Project Runway Returns Next Month, It'll Bring Along Two Local Designers

Those who keep up with the educational journal Entertainment Weekly are well aware of the drama surrounding the sixth season of Project Runway -- mostly, how litigation between the Weinstein Co. (which produces the show and was taking the series to Lifetime) and NBC Universal (which owns Bravo and didn't want to see it head auf) threatened to bury the sixth season forever. All legal snits since resolved, the series returned August 20, and, finally, Lifetime has announced the contestants for this season, which wrapped taping, oh, 'bout five months back?

As it happens, there are two locals among the 16 designers this season -- like I needed a reason to watch. Lifetime's offering up on its Web site everything from their audition videos to old baby pictures, should you need to know way too much about them. First up is 32-year-old clothing and accessory designer Louise Black, a (East?) Dallas resident who's been selling her stuff on Etsy for a little while, should you need a sneak peek. Then there's Shirin Askari, a 24-year-old recent college grad who, at least at the time of taping, was living with her folks in Richardson. Their home-visit videos follow after the jump, during which both share their love for all things antique. Sure hope they can make that work.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.