When's the Last Time You Had a Car Wreck? Sure Hope It Wasn't 7.2 Years Ago.

Ah, and speaking of bad drivers ...

Dallas residents go 7.2 years between car wrecks, not counting high-speed chases. Says so right here, in the Allstate America's Best Drivers Report™, on which Dallas doesn't fare terribly well when it comes to smash-'em-ups. Out of the 200 cities ranked, Dallas comes in at No. 173 -- but only because we're nearly 40 percent more likely to have a car accident when compared to the national average, awesome. And when the insurance company pares it down to cities with more than a million residents, Dallas comes in at No. 7 -- behind the likes of the awfully full-of-itself Houston and San Antonio.

No wonder Dallas is the second-most road-ragey city in the U.S. and A.

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