Bill Holston
Bill Holston
Erica Felicella

Wherein One Friend of Unfair Park Engages in a Little Local Hero Worship

When last we linked to one of Brother Bill Holston's KERA-FM essays, he was giving gratitude for the things he takes for granted in the days before Thanksgiving. This morning, the attorney and good Friend of Unfair Park is honoring his heroes, among them two familiar names seldom recognized on the FM airwaves: Betsy Healey, who, in 1999, gave up her associate's position at Cowles & Thompson downtown to start the Human Rights Initiative; and Sarah Jane Semrad, co-founder of, among myriad other things, Art Conspiracy and La Reunion TX.

Writes (or, really, says) Bill: "None of my heroes are famous people. But, they're all changing the world, sometimes in simple ways, and sometimes in quite dramatic ways." Got three minutes to spare? Sure you do.


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