While City Waits to Sell Bonds for the Hotel, a Fresh Look At the One That Got Away

A couple weeks before Dallas voters narrowly approved a publicly owned convention center hotel, we brought you exclusive photos of a private development from the offices of Jack Matthews, who's also developing the city's hotel. He showed us a model of what he called his "original vision" for the hotel project, which would have been built on the south side of the convention center on land he purchased for roughly $8.2 million compared to the $42 million the city paid for land on the other side.

His private proposal to the city is still off-limits until the nearly $514 million in bonds have been sold for the public project, but it was mistakenly posted months ago to the city's FTP site. Turns out a Friend of Unfair Park grabbed some of the info before it was taken down, including the renderings you see above and after the jump. We're also told the deal would have required a subsidy of approximately $50 million from the city in addition to the tax incentives already on the books from legislation approved by the Legislature in 2003.

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