Whiteout? Blackout!

Unfair Park's Northwest Dallas outpost lost power about 20 minutes ago -- which frankly comes as no surprise given that the nearest suggestion of a springtime sprinkle often times causes electrical darkness. (Just as well, the Dallas Independent School District kept the doors open -- hard for the kid to go Wii when there's no 'lectricity.) I called Oncor spokesperson Carol Peters to find out how widespread the darkness is this morning, and she reported that mine is but one of 750 "scattered outages" throughout the city. She did say that even those of us with Smart Meters still need to report our outages, which is the opposite of what she told me in June. Peters says Oncor is "keeping an eye on the weather" but the absence of ice so far has things looking good -- if you can see those things. And, yes, I did call in my outage, and power should be restored sometime around noon today. Which gives me plenty of time to finish my snow Leppert.

Update at 10:14 a.m.: Peters just called back and said since we spoke a half hour ago, the number of outages in Dallas has jumped to 15,000. "Snow accumulating on tree lines." Snow justice, snow peace!

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