Whitt's End

Whitt's End: 10.22.10

*Best all-time band with a number in its name? Nine Inch Nails.

*Toldja. When I wish failure on someone it works. Since I've transfered my evil powers of doom 'n gloom onto A-Rod, he's gone 3 for 17 in the ALCS with as many strikeouts as hits (3). Plus, a looney named Grim LeRogue jumped out of the stands during Game 4 in an attempt to attack Rodriguez as revenge for the way he mistreated Cameron Diaz.

*Toldja. I wrote that Todd Dodge would be successful as head coach at University of North Texas. And ... wait, what? When I'm wrong, boy am I wrong.

*The man who fell from the stands at Rangers Ballpark is still recovering.

*Tom Hicks isn't done yet. In the wake of dragging the Rangers through bankruptcy and having Liverpool sold out from under him, the Dallas Stars' sale is proceeding, well, not at all actually. The Stars aren't yet controlled by the NHL, but they are about to ask for $8 million in "revenue advances" to avoid heading toward bankruptcy. The Stars, still technically owned by Hicks, have yet to attract a potential owner making a reasonable offer. Yikes.

*Went to Studio Movie Grill on Royal recently and came out to the parking lot to find a ticket under my windshield wiper. Friggin' coppers! Wait, it's not a ticket, but merely a note from the DPD. Seems I'm at risk for a break-in because my GPS is in clear sight. Wow, never thought about that. Fantastic coppers!

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