Whitt's End: 10.29.10

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*Last I checked there were still no Super Bowl banners hanging in Cowboys Stadium. Sad.

*Thursday here in San Fran I paid $93 ... just to park. That's $40 at the hotel (per night) and separate AT&T Park fees of $8 and $45. Ouch.   

*On the way back to the hotel from Game 1, I was stuck in a traffic jam in front of a bar. All of a sudden this huge guy with a beer grabs a girl by her hair and violently slings her to the sidewalk. When she stumbles to her feet, he hauls off and punches her - right in the face. She runs inside the club and ... nothing. Swear. The guy resumes talking to his friends, but the 20 or so people milling around outside the bar's entrance barely bat an eye. Finally the bouncer walks up, says a few words to the guy and then returns to his post. My intial reaction was to yell, get out of my car and intervene. But then I thought, am I really going to fight a stranger and possibly get arrested and lose one or both of my jobs over a girl I'll never even know? I dunno, maybe everybody else thought the same thing.  Who knows? But my guess is that in Texas that dude would've had his ass kicked in no time.

*San Francisco is home to the homeless. Never seen so many in any city. The bad: A guy sat yesterday outside McDonald's with a cardboard sign that read "Please help. McStarving." The good: A guy sits on the street and hides behind a bush that he holds in his lap. Seems ridiculous, but when people walk past he shakes the bush and makes all sorts of noises. The frightened reactions are priceless. He got my $1. McStarving got only my McScoffing.

*No doubt this is the Rangers' best team ever, but I remember watching the worst one. The original one, back in 1972. That outfit went 54-100 (losing eight games to a strike) and finished a crisp 38.5 games behind the Oakland A's in the West. How about these statistical leaders: Larry Bitner hit .259, Ted Ford managed 14 homers and Rich Billings finished with 58 RBI. Oh, and pitcher Mike Paul somehow had a fantastic ERA of 2.17 ... and went 8-9. Wow.

*My radio partner Greggo claims he can swim from Fisherman's Wharf to Alcatraz. Perhaps his most preposterous braggadocio ever, and that's saying something.

*Yes, I think I would.

*Having spent time in New York and San Francisco the past two weeks, I'm reminded at how uptight we are in Dallas. In Yankee Stadium it's all about baseball. At AT&T Park it's all about fun and frolicking. At Rangers Ballpark it's mostly about what I'm wearing, what she's wearing and how'd that fat dude land that hot girl and wow they're making fools of themselves for singing to this song. One of the Giants fans' favorite between-innings bits is some "Fist Pump" song. Everybody does it. Even the guys dance. In Texas they'd be "gay." Here they're just happy. I'm not homosexual, but the freedom of expression without cultural repression is refreshing. Final tally: SF is happier than DFW which is happier than NY.

*This weekend?  I'll be at Rangers Ballpark for World Series Games 3, 4 and (fingers crossed) 5. In between on Sunday I'll fit in a Cowboys-Jaguars post-game show on 105.3 The Fan from Duke's in Addison at 3ish. Don't be a Texas Stranger.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.


Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.