Whitt's End: 10.8.10

Whether you're at the end of your rope or merely the end of your week, welcome to Whitt's End:

*A sentence I thought I'd never live long enough to type: The American League Championship Series -- Texas Rangers v. New York Yankees -- starts one week from today at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. Peench me.

*Division banners. Pep rallies. Meeting the team plane at the airport with only a 2-0 lead. It's all so well, rinky dink. And soooo dang fun.

*Unprecedented Saturday in metroplex sports upcoming. All playing tomorrow: The Stars, Mavs, Rangers, FC Dallas, Baylor-Tech in the Cotton Bowl, Texas A&M-Arkansas in Cowboys Stadium. Feels like Christmas Eve.

*Deal with the devil? As a Mavs fan, I'd give up all those hollow 50-win seasons for the '06 championship. As a Rangers fan, I'd go another 11 years without a playoff sniff if they win the World Series this season. But as a dude, I wouldn't trade two weeks with a 10 for 10 years with a two. You?

*Cowboys 31, Titans 20. Wade Phillips is 3-0 in Dallas coming off the bye.



*When I miss, I really miss. I didn't think it was possible to win 96 games with smoke-n-mirrors, so I picked the Rays in 5. Before that, yes, I wanted the Rangers to face the Yankees. Double whiff.

*Religion! Don't really have anything this week, just wanted to keep your Bibles sharp.

*C.J. + Cliff = 2-0 lead. You know the old adage: Good pitching beats good shitty hitting.

*I get that Dirk Nowitzki's game doesn't translate to American fans, but I can't explain why his jersey is only the ninth-best seller in Europe.

*In my humble opinion, this is the greatest four-letter band in the history of ever. Sorry, Korn. 

*Ron Washington, the winningest playoff manager in Rangers' history. Weird, huh?

*Dez Bryant has a bruised, aching hip...from bumping into that photographer in Houston. Chalk one up for the media?

*Don't see Catfish. Unless you like movies about people being duped by other people, without any money changing hands. Yawn.

*Swear this is a true story. I'm driving 77 mph on I-30 west Thursday to Arlington and a date with J. Gilligan's when all the sudden in my mirror is a cop, lights flashing. I pull over one lane, prepared to pay the piper when, just like that, he speeds past and proceeds to pull over the vehicle in front of me. You guessed it: A white truck. Justice.

*This weekend? I'll be at The Granada tonight chillgroovin' to these folks. Saturday is Rangers Game 3 and Sunday (if necessary) is the rare triple-header: Rangers/Cowboys/Duke's, the latter for Cowboys-Titans post-game show on 105.3 The Fan. And, yes, I'll be weekend blogging for a change. So don't be a stranger.

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