Whitt's End

Whitt's End: 11.13.09

Whether you're at the end of your rope or merely the end of your week, welcome to Whitt's End:

*OK, so let it be known that my buddy and Ticket founding father Mike Rhyner has been/is calling for a Cowboys' appearance in this year's Super Bowl. This, after 14-plus years as president of the anti-Cowboys' faction. "I saw this coming," Rhyner maintains. "It's not a bit."

*Erick Dampier had 14 points and 20 rebounds against Houston. Erica Dampier had one point and four rebounds the next night in San Antonio. Figures.

*UT Southwestern Medical Center gets $42 million for research projects involving brain tumors, autism and cardiovascular aspects. In the era of $100 million contracts and $1 billion stadiums, we throw around $42 million like pocket change. But just once I'd like to read a story about a major breakthrough, a cure, something tangible. Ya know?

*So the police founds drugs and thugs and shit at Jim's Car Wash? You don't say?! If you've ever driven by that place down in Fair Park on MLK, you're not the least surprised.

*Chief Kunkel is retiring. Never a better time to relive Greggo's classic "Do you like this gig?" interview.

*Ever have one of those days and/or weeks? This has been one. Don't ask.




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