Whitt's End

Whitt's End: 11.27.09

Whether you're at the end of your rope or merely the end of your week, welcome to Whitt's End:

*This year's Super Bowl halftime entertainment is The Who. What the what? Springsteen. The Who. Next year at SB XLV in Arlington: Lawrence Welk? Maybe I'm just bothered that 1) The Who sucks. 2)Their only good song - "Teenage Wasteland" - is actually called "Baba O'Riley." Man No.1: I'd like you to meet my son, Sam. We call him Xavier. Man No. 2: Who?

*Sobering number, Cowboys' fans: Your team hasn't had a winning December since 1996. Since then they are 19-39 in the final month of the season. 8-3 is a nice cushion, but ... 

*Lotta folks asking for a Greg Williams update. Seriously, I don't know. I heard through a couple friends of friends that he got hurt (possibly broken ankles) when he somehow mistakenly tried to enter a neighbor's house and he may or may not have been arrested. My last 5 or so phone calls have gone unreturned. Hoping for the best.

*Though my house is sorta empty these days, I refuse to be tricked into shopping on Black Friday. I'm waiting until Mexican Monday. Wait ... what?

*Screw running onto the field or sneaking into the Super Bowl. A couple crashed a party at The White House. (Personal aside: I once ran -  yes ran - up behind President Clinton and hijacked/posed in a photo he was taking in The White House with Jerry Jones' long-time assistant Marilyn Love. He never knew I was there. And, yes, stlll got the photo.)

*Thanksgiving Hot.

*Holiday over-served hot.

*Not. Or, is it?

*The Cowboys go as Miles Austin goes? He's tied for the NFL lead with 15 catches of 20+ yards. Meanwhile, Roy Williams is improving, but the dude cannot escape jam coverage at the line.

*Colt McCoy may have won the Heisman Trophy last night, but the Texas Longhorns lost their shot at a National Championship. No eventual BCS Champ has ever allowed as many points (39) or yards (532) in a regular season game as the 'Horns surrendered to A&M.

*In other burnt orange news, why is it again that McCoy wears the same uniform number (12) as stud defensive back Earl Thomas? Very 7th Grade-ish.

*A little short this week. Most people not working. Thanksgiving hangover. Yadda, yadda and more yadda. But this weekend I'll be ... Check that. For a change, do be a stranger this weekend. No offense.

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