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Whitt's End: 1.15.10

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*Is there a more dangerous douche bag with a prominent pulpit than Pat Robertson? The televangelist this week called the earthquake a "blessing in disguise" and said it was payback for a deal Haiti made with the devil. A deal, he says, that blanketed Haiti with a curse in exchange for being freed from rule by "Napoleon the third ... or whatever." I think I'll start punctuating every wild-ass guess with the clever caveat of "or whatever." Takes you right off the hook, no?

*Check that, Rush Limbaugh is Pat Robertson on steroids.

*Of the quarterbacks left in the playoffs, who'da thunk that gunslinger Brett Favre would have thrown the fewest interceptions? Favre (7) has less than Tony Romo (9), Phillip Rivers (9), Drew Brees (11), Joe Flacco (12), Kurt Warner (14), Peyton Manning (16) and Mark Sanchez (20).

*I still think President Obama is making America a better place. And I still cringe when folks give former President Dubya Bush a standing ovation at last week's Cowboys game. But I'll admit, Obama is so far uninspiring when it comes to keeping campaign promises. For example, as of today Guantanamo Bay's doors are still open for business.

*Balsa wood > Tommy Tuberville. Or whatever.

*Today is actually something called National Hat Day. A perfect time to hear from the conspiracy theorists who say the Cowboys' season turned around at the exact point in time in which Tony Romo started his hat turned around. To me that theory is asinine. Or whatever.

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