Whitt's End

Whitt's End: 11.6.09

Whether you're at the end of your rope or merely the end of your week, welcome to Whitt's End:

*Haven't received a return call all week from Greg Williams, which is weird if not troubling. Something's up. Maybe he's merely at his vacation condo in Colorado and temporarily out of pocket. Or maybe there's something to the whispers about Hammer I'm hearing from mutual friends that include a possible recent arrest and/or two broken ankles. Developing ...

*Since Arbitron has turned stingy with the publishing of its detailed radio ratings, we'll have to generalize October's stats. 1. The Ticket. 2. ESPN Radio. 3. The Fan. There, I've already said too much.

*Not saying we've let our guard down, but there are no longer metal detectors at the entrances to American Airlines Center. Check that, we have let our guard down.

*In the spirit of the Cowboys' season-opening alternating of cornerbacks Mike Jenkins and Orlando Scandrick, Mavs owner Mark Cuban will give behind-the-mic starts to P.A. candidates Michael Taylor and Sean Heath the next 10 games before making a final decision.

*There are 8th-graders in our midst who have never witnessed a Cowboys' playoff victory. Wow. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has overseen the most successful (three Super Bowls in four years) and most unsuccessful (13 years without a playoff win) stretches in franchise history. Question: Would you accept a Super Bowl win this season, if attached afterward was another 13 years without a post-season victory? I think you would. And I know there are 15 NFL teams out there that have never won a championship that would make that deal in a nano-second. Right, Philadelphia?

*The Texas Rangers hired Clint Hurdle to be their hitting coach. Yeah, that Clint Hurdle.

*I believe in JesusGodSanta, but sometimes just to trick it up I say "Praise Allah" when I make a long birdie putt or bank in a 3-pointer or beat my buddy at paper-rock-scissors. But after yesterday's events at Fort Hood I'm gonna stop. I'm not saying all Muslims are terrorists or all terrorists are Muslims, just saying the fact that Major Nidal Malik Hasan wrote "Allah" on his door sometime before killing 12 and injuring 31 prompts me to recalibrate some angles. Make sense?




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