Whitt's End: 1.21.11

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Whether you're at the end of your rope or merely the end of your week, welcome to Whitt's End:

*So the Dallas Cowboys hire loquacious, bombastic, entertaining new defensive coordinator Rob Ryan not with a press conference but only a press release? That's like hiring Ricky Gervais to emcee the Golden Globes and then not giving him a microphone. Maybe it's true that football-football-football only head coach Jason Garrett is wielding unprecedented power at Valley Ranch these days.

*Speaking of football, just when the debate was cooling down over Tony Romo playing golf apparently he's playing ... basketball. Says he's being careful, but taking part in pick-up games at Plano's expansive Prestonwood Baptist Church. And after he's done playing on a Thursday night what does Romo do? Call Arnie Spanier on 105.3 The Fan of course.

*When your Texas Rangers hold their annual awards banquet out at the Gaylord Texan, manager Ron Washington, who was honored as the best manager in baseball by the Boston writers, is in for a big surprise. Don't wanna give too much away, but he's going to get something back that he lost during Hurricane Katrina. Stay tuned.

*I was fearful that the victory over the Lakers was one of those hot shooting nights for the Mavs rather than a light-bulb-it's-all-fixed game. And, sure enough, against the Bulls last night they were back to blah, disinterested, walk-it-up basketball. And we're to believe that Peja Stojakovic is the answer? Dude can shoot and he used to kill the Mavs while with those great Sacramento Kings teams, but this isn't 2003.

*Hey look, the Dallas Stars are winning. Next thing you know they'll again be popular. Or at least noticed.



*My favorite thing about all those Real Housewives of (Fill In The City) reality shows is ...

*On the expansive list of things I don't understand in life, how is it again that wheels on a car rolling forward appear to going backward?

*Most of the early NFL mock drafts -- including Mel Kiper's -- have the Cowboys taking Nebraska cornerback Prince Amukamara at No. 9. I watched Nebraska-Oklahoma State this year and either Prince is average or else Cowboys receiver Justin Blackmon is indeed the second coming of Terrell Owens. It was a mismatch.

*A group called Mercy for Animals is trying to shut down Catfish Corner, a stocked fishing pond out in the middle of nowhere between Mesquite and Sunnyvale. The charges? Seems the place cleans and then filets the fish while they're still alive. And? 1. Do fish have feelings? 2. It would be difficult to strap a flopping fish into a tiny electric chair.

*Packers over Bears. Steelers over Jets. Don't want either to happen, but I believe both will.

*Lady is so distracted by texting in a mall that she runs into and then falls into, hilariously, a fountain. Now that lady is considering suing the mall. Most frivolous lawsuit ever.

*Nolan Ryan says the Rangers' roster is set for spring training. Really? No Manny Ramirez. No Vladimir Guerrero. No Carl Pavano, who signed with the Twins for, seemingly, pennies. With Cliff Lee and Vlad gone in exchange for Brandon Webb and Adrian Beltre, have the Rangers gotten better this winter? Nope.

*Love the show MythBusters and the site Snopes and the like, because people, in general, are such a lazy flock of sheep they'll believe anything they're told without questioning it for even a millisecond. Of course, without research and facts, we wouldn't have folklore and urban legends to pass down, so what fun is that? Like, for example, the one about a dog's mouth being cleaner than a human's. C'mon, anyone other than Greggo actually believe that? Dogs eat anything -- including their own poop -- and don't make a daily habit of flossing, brushing their teeth or gargling with mouthwash.

* ... absolutely nothing. Don't viewers realize that while they're watching other women's lives they've stopped living their own? Got tricked into sitting down for an episode this week and I swear these five women spent the whole show arguing over what one of them may or may not have said at dinner. Tears. Drama. The works. I got enough problems of my own to solve without wasting time watching others try to work theirs out.

*This weekend? I'm getting a new roommate so there's always some shuffling of stuff to be done. Sunday, of course, are the NFL conference championship games. Where we watching? How about this place? Don't be a stranger.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.