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Whitt's End: 1.7.11

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*Went on a date this week and took the girl to a steak n' wine dinner. Nothing too fancy, but nice. As I'm paying the bill she catches my eye and says "Come back to my place and let's ..."

*Smart move by the Texas Rangers re-signing David Murphy. To me he's the most underrated Ranger. And don't think Josh Hamilton isn't happy this week. He sees Adrian Beltre get $80, possibly $96 million and is licking his chops at upcoming contract negotiations.  

*Cowboys' biggest needs in the draft/free agency: 1. Safety. 2. Offensive line.

*Tell me, is there one person in America who actually thinks those Coors Light fake press conference commercials are funny? Out-of-place audio can be entertaining. It's not the idea, it's the execution. As a guy who likes to laugh -- and even more as a journalist -- I'm offended. Been at this for 25 years in this market and, no, you don't get to waltz into a post-game NFL interview room with an open beer. Unless you're Randy Galloway.

*Saw Little Fockers over the holidays. Very very meh. Looking forward to The Rite. Exactly the type of light-hearted, feel-good flick that yanks me to the theater.

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