Whitt's End: 2.13.09

Whether you're at the end of your rope or merely the end of your week, welcome to Whitt's End:

*I know the Mavs have the NBA's longest sellout streak at 301 games, but the fans at American Airlines Center just don't get it. Thursday night's tense game with the Celtics was tied at 91 until Boston's Paul Pierce hit consecutive, heart-stomping jumpers for a four-point lead in the final minute. During the enusing timeout Mavs' fans should've been distraught. Instead? Dancing.

*I'd put the chances of the Dallas Cowboys releasing Terrell Owens at 68.9 percent.

*Here's the only thing that will save baseball: Get Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, Alex Rodriguez, Rafael Palmeiro and Roger Clemens up on a stage to apologize, in unison, for their era's rampant steroid use. Short of that, we can go ahead and drop the "national past-time" bullshit, okay? And, while you're at it, get started on a special steroid wing of the Hall of Fame.

*But, come on, MLB commish Bud Selig saying A-Rod has shamed the game is preposterous. Selig is the moron who enacted a speed-limit law, but then never posted signs or instituted any sort of punishment for breaking his law. Then he has the audacity to act sanctimonious when he learns his players have been speeding all these years?

*Over on pigskintexas.com, ol' buddy Wally Lynn of ESPN Radio says the Cowboys laid off half their sales staff (about 20 folks) this week despite selling 87 percent of the tickets to Jonestown Coliseum.

*All these years typing and the other day I was totally weirded out by the transposed ue/eu in fuel and feud. I tried all the combinations and none of them looked right. Might I look back at this as the initial onset of dementia?

*I got a six-pack bet with Fox 4 cameraman Larry Rodriguez concerning Rangers' shorstop Elvis Andrus. We established the over/under batting average at .242. I took the under.

*More ridiculous on TV: Poker? Or the Westminster Dog Show?

*Mavs' coach Rick Carlisle stunned the room with his F-bomb after the loss to the Celtics. I think it was great. After years of Avery Johnson, it was refreshing. But just wait, he'll get fined.



*Rough week for A-Roid. First, the whole lying bit. And today, triskaidekaphobia.

*After years of sheepishly playing on the stage at Texas Hall, UT-Arlington will finally build a special events center with a proper basketball court. Sports Information Director Gregg Elkin says UTA has 100,000 alumns in the Metroplex. Let's see, there's me, Mike Rhyner, George Riba ... I miss anyone?

*This may be a stretch, but at this point I'm thinking Troy Aikman is a better role model than A-Rod. A diploma trumps a dick, right?

*The Cotton Bowl is talking to Texas Tech-Baylor about a 2010 football game in Dallas. Still a long way to justify $50 million in renovations, but it's a start.  

*Put a screen over jet engines to let the air flow in and keep birds out. Problem. Solved.

*This is kinda dark, but I've decided I want Nine Inch Nails' "Hurt" played at my funeral. Oh yeah, and I want the Whataburger guy to read my eulogy.

*Was at AAC this week when none other than Wayne Gretzky walked right past. Figured he'd be carried by servants. Or maybe he'd just float. But, nope, he just walked. Disappointing, I must say.

*Don't know how I missed this, but Aretha Franklin got to sing at President Obama's inauguration and these were the first two words out of her mouth?

*If you wanna read this week's Dallas Observer column about Bob Hayes' Twisted Sister it's right here.

*And if you wanna hear me on 105.3 The Fan this weekend I'm on Saturday 4-7 p.m. and Sunday 7-10 a.m.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.