Whitt's End: 2.20.09

Whether you're at the end of your rope or merely the end of your week, welcome to Whitt's End:

*At the risk of ruffling more Ticket feathers, the station treated one of its first-time, long-timers like shit rudely during its recent gaggle of 15th anniversary celebrations. The way I remember it, Mark Elfenbein was one of the station's original voices. Pretty sure he's been doing weekends for the full 15 years. He's even hosting their Mavs post-game show this season. Considering that loyalty and seniority, I was shocked that Elf had neither a spot on stage for The Ticket's birthday party at the House of Blues nor a vignette in The Ticket anniversary book: Full Disclosure. Oi Vey. (Attention 105.3 The Fan management: If I hang around doing weekends until 2024 and then get excluded from our 15th birthday party, there'll be hell to pay.)

*Good news on Megan Cherry, the Allen High School soccer star who disappeared recently. Apparently some issues to work out with mom and dad, and perhaps a formal charge against her for stealing the family car. But first things first, she was found alive and well in San Angelo.

*When you watch ESPN and the scroll says "Julius Peppers gives Panthers list of four teams he will agree to be traded to, including the Cowboys," don't you imagine Jerry Jones having an orgasm? Grotesque image, I know. But, seriously, that's the kind of superficial attention he absolutely lives for. Right?

*What's more intriguing: The return of Mike Leach or the return of Tiger Woods? Gimme a golf ball over the goofball, by a good 330 yards.

*George Strait? Really? After I questioned his relevance earlier this week a commenter challenged my challenging of "King George." Swear, for the rest of the day I was trying to determine exactly how Steinbrenner figured into the equation.

*Does he strum a plain guitar, wear jeans, boots, a black hat and sing "The Dance"? No? Oh, right, he does all that stuff except he sings "The Chair." George? Garth? Clint? Silly me, how could I ever get them confused?

*Hot: Tiger Woods' wife.

*Not: Tiger Woods' sport.

*I heard a lot of eye-rolling when I mentioned last week that Plano's own Taylor Hooton Foundation would return to the forefront now that *A-Roid fessed up to using steroids. Didn't take long.

*Seems like every time the Stars win a couple games and I start to pay attention one of their big names gets hurt. Brenden Morrow. Sergei Zubov. Brad Richards. Missing anyone? Seriously, if they make the playoffs coach Dave Tippett deserves a gold star.

*I love the NBA and double-love Monty Python and triple-love The Holy Grail, but Kevin Garnett's "Quest for G" commercial somehow doesn't do it for me. Should, but doesn't.

*I read a sentence this week that shouldn't have surprised me, but shocked me nonetheless: "White children are now fewer than one-third of the 1st-graders in Texas schools."

*Me? Tonight I'll be at Luis Yanez' professional boxing debut at AAC. Saturday I'll be live and in living color on 105.3 The Fan from 1-4 p.m. at Texas Stadium. Sunday morning I'll be back on from 7 a.m.-11 a.m.

*And, oh yeah, almost forgot. Happy birthday, 'buh-ruh. You know who you are.

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